We Started to Work on the Back Yard

It was exactly what we thought about when we bought this place, particularly since it had such a large back yard and we had both the kids and the dog that would be playing in it. Obviously I started to think about how to make it less work to take care of it too. The first thing we did was to get it fenced in, using a high privacy fence around the upper part of the yard. Now we are talking to a place that is an Apex screen porch contractor about building us a really large screened in back porch. My grandfather and grandmother had one when I was a kid and they spent a lot of time back there. On each end they had a swing bench, me and my sister and my brothers would get it going too high all of the time. Of course in the summer they would have pitchers of ice cold lemonade and they would sit out on the porch watching us play.

Eventually we would like to put in a swimming pool, but that is not something that we can afford right now. Aside from that you can really only use that about three months out of the year in this part of the country. So that does not really make too much sense to be honest. It would be something we would do if there were no other way that we could spend the money and that is a really ludicrous thing to think about unless you are really rich. So right now the next step is going to be to build a big patio around the porch, which we are thinking of using pavers for. Beth wants it to be really nice to look at which you can easily do with a well thought out design.

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