We Just Fixed the Bathroom Nice

We loved a lot of the things about this house, mostly the fact that it was a great location for both of us and the cost was really low. Of course the place was cheap for a number of reasons. The house is tiny and it is not in the greatest shape, mostly because it is old and has not been renovated. We intended to work on it from the first time we saw it. The bathroom was first and we did it over completely with a handheld shower and a new shower stall. It used to have one of those heavy cast iron tubs and there was poorly thought out shower above it. That really did not work very well and there was some thought that there may have been water damage in the flooring. I got the house inspector to really take a great look at the bathroom, wondering if the sub flooring may have been damaged.

At any rate we love the new bathroom, but it is going to be some time before we can fix up the kitchen. The big thing is that we need the money, but we want to be smart about it. This house is perfect for two people. It is tiny, but there are only the two of us. That gives you a lot less house to take care of and keep clean. At any rate you want to put no more money in the house than you are going to be able to get back out of it. At some point we are going to decide to have children and this place is going to be too small when there is more than one child. The second floor has one room in it and you could have one small child up there.

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