Started Work on the Work Shop

I decided to make my workshop looks as nice as I could, so I spent a long time working on the plan before I sawed a board or drove a nail. I had an old building that was there when I bought this place, but some joker had just put it together out of random pieces of wood. It was not an eye sore or anything, but it did not look very nice either. The first thing I did was make some plantation shutters, I had seen the plans for these on the web and I was interested to see if I could do it. There is a lot of fine work in these things and it is not just an ornamental piece which does nothing. These are very large and strongly built shutter that open and close to let in the light. The windows have doors on them on the outside like old farm houses did and they have the shutters on the inside.

It is supposed to look a bit like the sort of house that the Pennsylvania Dutch used to build, but not quite. Of course it does have the sort of thing they put on their barns to ward off bad luck, a talisman I suppose is what you would call it. It must be some sort of superstition they brought with them from the Old World and I forgot where I read about them or what they are really called. I did like the odd look that they give and picked out one that was going to stand out. My neighbors have all asked about it. I have one who is a real right wing religious nut and people tell me that he has tried to organize the neighbors against it. He apparently wants to march on it with torches and pitchforks.

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