Protecting Our Australian Home from Wildfire Embers

We have metal roofs around here due to burning embers from seasonal brush fires. If you want your house to stay standing, you build it with as little flammable material as possible. We have a perimeter around our house free of brush, but we do have a couple well established trees that are closer. We do need the shade in the summer. However, the leaves in the gutters were a problem until we got gutter mesh in Perth made out of aluminium. We did not want plastic gutter guards that could catch fire, and we needed to keep the gutters free of flammable leaf debris.

The aluminium gutter mesh has a zero flammability index. It goes hand in hand with our metal roof to protect the house from flying burning embers driven by the wind during brush fires. They happen every year around here. We take precautions by keeping brush clear around our perimeter, and we water our shade trees so they are never dry, even in the heat of summer. When there is an active wildfire, we wet everything down. The combination of using fireproof roofing, soffit and fascia materials along with our new aluminium gutter mesh helps us protect our home during the wildfire and brush fire season here in Australia.

We like living out here away from the city, but we are smart enough to understand that you have to take a few extra steps to be safe from fire. No matter where you live you take precautions for the dangers where you are at. When we lived in the city, we were much more aware of potential crime. Out here, we are much more aware of wind-driven wildfires that can burn our house down if we are not careful. The aluminum gutter mesh is not flammable, and it keeps flammable leaves and twigs out of our gutters.

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