Plantation Shutters Well Worth the Wait

I knew that I wanted to have orange county shutters, but I was not sure of much beyond that. I was tired of having cheap window treatments, and I had always liked the look of plantation shutters. I could never afford them in the past though. They are well worth the money because they last so long, but I just never had that kind of money to pay upfront. When I paid off my mortgage, I knew that I was going to finally get the shutters that I had been wanting for too many years to even count.

I asked a few of my friends if they had any suggestions, and two of them told me to check out Orange County Shutters. I went to their website, and I have to say that I was really impressed with everything that I saw. I was under the impression that I would not have to wait very long at all for my shutters, but I was wrong. That was one time that I was happy to be wrong though. I asked why it would take so long for them to be made, and the person told me it is because they do all of the work themselves using quality materials and resources to make quality shutters.

He told me that they do not use vinyl or faux wood like some other companies. They only use Basswood, which is actual wood of top quality. They also use better pieces like hinges, and they also have many layers of paint to make sure they are top quality. Knowing how much work goes into making them made me realize that waiting a bit longer just means I am getting the best quality shutters possible. I ordered them just a few days after that, and they have completely transformed the appearance of my house. They look absolutely beautiful!

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