Our Contract with Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne Pays for Itself

At home we take our shoes off at the front door when we come inside. This greatly cuts down on the amount of dirt tracked in from outside. Whoever has the dogs outside is responsible for wiping their feet off when they come inside. That helps too. My wife and I own a pet store where people and their pets can shop, and the dirt that gets tracked in is incredible. A rainy day fills our retail space with thousands of dirty footprints that wear the polish off the tile. We hire bond back cleaning in Melbourne done by a company that has plenty of experience with commercial and even industrial clients.

Every night after closing our store is thoroughly cleaned. We have the tile scrubbed by one of those machines that is driven around the store. It is powered by a propane engine, and the floor is scrubbed and squeegeed dry in one step. Workers with polishers and buffers follow behind. We have to re-polish about once a month. Our offices are dusted and vacuumed, and the bathrooms are sanitized. Every morning it is like walking into our store on its grand opening day. This clean and fresh look improves employee morale and is impressive to our customers. We get many comments of how clean our store is. We even have the sidewalk out front pressure washed on a regular basis. There are no stains, chewing gum or any other debris on our walks.

Contracting with a company that does bond back cleaning in Melbourne lets our employees concentrate on customer needs rather than spending much of their shift cleaning. This improves our customer experience as well. Our employees have time to really learn the store and the products they are selling. The attention we put into keeping our store clean improves our bottom line making the cleaning contract pay for itself many times over.

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