It Was Not Problem to Help out a Special Lady

My grandmother called me on a Saturday morning, and she was crying. She had invited us all over for a Sunday evening meal, but her stove stopped working. She was worried everyone would be upset, and she had been looking forward to spending time with all of us. I knew she just wanted to vet, but I told her that I would handle look for help with appliance repair in Sacramento and that she should just go relax and do something soothing. She worried that she was causing trouble for me, but I assured her that I love helping her and it would not be a problem that she needed to worry about. She is never a problem for me.

My grandmother is on her own. My grandfather left this world over 20 years ago. Grandma has been on her own since then. She gets lonely, and I notice that. So, she really lives for the moments when we can all come over and spend time with her. She never remarried because she said she knew that she would never find another good man. So, she depended on the rest of us to check in on her and be there for her as often as we could. I always made it a point to spend time with her weekly, at the very least. All of us have done that in the family because she means so much.

I sent someone over to help grandma with her stove. I decided to drive over to see how things were going. She had a smile on her face when I showed up. She’d already been busy making the guy hot chocolate and offering him homebaked cookies. He tried to say no, but she was happy for his help and offered him homebaked goodies until he finally couldn’t say no. This lady has always been special, and strangers can’t resist her charms either.

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