I Needed Some Trees to Be Removed

I knew that I needed to find a tree service in Gwinnett County GA as soon as I surveyed my property after a pretty wicked storm. We have had some bad ones in the past, and we usually end up faring pretty well. We were not so lucky this time around. As soon as I went to the back part of the property, I saw that two trees had been downed from the storm. I would not have worried about them if they were completely down since we don’t really use that part of the property for much.

However, both had only partially come down, and I was worried that what was standing was not going to be strong enough to withstand another storm. I know there are kids that use that part of the property as a shortcut, which I do not mind at all. I knew I would mind though if one of them got hurt by one of the trees that looked to be pretty fragile. I know how kids can be adventurous or want to explore anything that looks out of place, so I just wanted to get them both down as quickly as possible.

I was able to find a good tree service just a few towns over. They were able to come a few days after I called them, because there were more urgent issues that others had because of the storm. I did not mind waiting at all because I knew some of those people had trees that had fallen across their driveways or even into their homes or on their roofs. When they did get to me, it did not take very long at all for them to get the trees down. By the time they left, it was almost impossible to tell that two trees were even there just a week prior!

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