How We Customized Our House

The first time I came to Brisbane it was just to visit my long distance boyfriend. Eventually we married and decided living in Australia would be the best fit for both of us, so I moved here started a business. We lived in a small apartment while we saved up. My business really picked up and in no time at all we were able to buy a home. We chose an older home with a lot of character but along with that character came a bit of wear and tear. Finding painters in Brisbane was my first priority, so we could get the exterior of the house looking like less of an eyesore. On the recommendation of one of our new neighbors we hired a wonderful gentleman who got our house looking great on the outside. He basically restored it to how it would have looked when it was first built, many years ago.

Next up was the interior. My husband and I bickered a bit about color scheme and furnishings but after much debate he let me make most of the choices, since I would be working from home most of the time and also because he loves me. I tried to concede to some of his choices in the end and had the painters that had done such a great job on the outside of our house come and do the interior as well. For most of the living areas we did a bright white that made the kitchen and great room look large and sunny. We did an accent wall in blue, which is my husband’s favorite color. With some art on that wall and a side table next to it, your eye goes right to it when you walk in. We get lots of compliments on our new home and we’re so happy we got a fixer and made it our own.

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