Glass Enclosure for a Porch

I am in the process of making my house look nicer, because I have a better job and I am making a lot more money now. I am going to fix up the house and make it look really good, because it has been kind of neglected for years, but I have not really had any spare money to make improvements on the house until recently. I am trying to check pricing on glass enclosures to put on a patio, because I think that would be the perfect think to make my patio look really good, and also to make it a much better place to sit and relax.

I have wanted to do something with the porch for years, because it used to be a screened in porch, but the screens were looking pretty terrible, and so I ripped them down a couple of years ago and then I took down some of the frame that had been supporting them. Ever since then, I have been tyring to figure out something to do with the patio in order to make it look good again and to make it so that it was a better place for the family to relax and spend time.

Without the screens, it was not nearly as good of a place to spend time, because in my area, there are a lot of mosquitos and you will get eaten alive if you sit outside, without something like a screen to protect you and keep the mosquitos from getting to you. So instead of going the screen route again, I want to get glass, but to have windows that can open on it as well, so the air can be let into the porch from the outside. That seems like the best way to do it to me.

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