From a Barren Yard to Paradise

When my husband and I purchased our first home about a year ago, we knew that we were going to have to fix some of it up. The house itself is really nice and needed very little work done to it, but the yard was another story. The previous owners had spared no expense for the house but had neglected doing any landscaping at all. I have a feeling that is why we were able to negotiate a better deal for it. I knew that we could hire some landscaping contractors in Toronto to help us make the outside just as beautiful as what the inside is.

My husband took care of the few things inside that needed worked on, and he let me have full control of the outside. It must be a man thing! Anyway, I went online and looked at different landscapers in the area. I knew that I would be able to know which company I wanted just by looking at the pictures on their respective websites. When I saw the pictures that one had, I contacted them immediately to have them come out for a free consultation.

I already knew that their prices were reasonable from other research I had done before even looking at any landscaping websites. I was so excited when they came out because there was absolutely no landscaping done at all. That meant that we had no limitations on what could be done. I knew a little bit of what I wanted, and then I relied on their expertise to fill in the gaps. The end result is just amazing. We now have gardens in the back and side, and there are trees planted along the driveway. My favorite part is the new patio that has bushes surrounding it, and that is where I spend a lot of my free time now.

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