Energy Companies That Give Back

I wanted to find out everything I could about the different companies that provide energy to Texas residents. I hadn’t even purchased my house there, but I knew the general area where I would be living. I don’t believe in waiting until the last minute to do things, which is why I started looking for a link that would help me understand the differences between these energy companies. I was able to find a website where I was able to put in the zip code for where I would be moving to within the next several months.

It returned a list of energy companies that service that particular area. This was the first time where I was actually able to choose which utility company I wanted. I had lived in New York all my life prior to this, and we were never given a choice for any of our utilities there. Because of this, I wanted to make sure that I was choosing the right company. The first thing I looked at were their prices. This was pretty similar across the board because it is such a competitive business there. The rates and different kinds of plans were so similar that I did not even let that influence my decision.

Instead, I looked at what each company does for the community. I had started to read about one in particular, and I was interested in their community involvement. That is why I decided to look at all of the energy providers in that area to see how they give back to the community that chooses to use their services. I liked that so many of them were involved in different ways to make the community better, so I went with the company that has the biggest charitable contributions to the area.

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