Dust Free and Fully Functional

After getting air duct cleaning in Lafayette, I was in a mood to clean everything in my home from top to bottom. Before the cleaning, my ducts were so clogged that the HVAC system wasn’t working properly. In order to avoid a repeat situation in the future, I started vacuuming every little bit of dust in my home that I could find. I got into every crack and crevice and thoroughly used my attachments to make sure there was nothing left behind. I went over each carpet and floor multiple times just in case I missed something or added more dust to the room. My friends thought I was turning into someone with obsessive compulsive disorder.

I’ll have to get the duct cleaning done once or twice a year just for regular maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t take steps to prevent any clogs that will cause my system to manufacture. I used to only put a new air filter in my system every once in a blue moon, but that has changed. Now I treat the filters the same way I would a toothbrush. After three months I replace the filter with a new one, regardless of how much longer I think it could stay inside the system. I know if I let the filter stay inside the system for just a little bit more, that short time will turn into another week, and then a month, and then multiple months.

One of my friends who was making fun of me for my excessive cleaning actually had a problem with her HVAC system. The system started making a funny noise when she turned it on and it wouldn’t blow out as much air as it normally would. I gave her the contact information for the repair company that I used and told her to start cleaning.

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