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Energy Companies That Give Back

I wanted to find out everything I could about the different companies that provide energy to Texas residents. I hadn’t even purchased my house there, but I knew the general area where I would be living. I don’t believe in waiting until the last minute to do things, which is why I started looking for a link that would help me understand the differences between these energy companies. I was able to find a website where I was able to put in the zip code for where I would be moving to within the next several months.

It returned a list of energy companies that service that particular area. This was the first time where I was actually able to choose which utility company I wanted. I had lived in New York all my life prior to this, and we were never given a choice for any of our utilities there. Because of this, I wanted to make sure that I was choosing the right company. The first thing I looked at were their prices. Continue reading

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Home Security is Definitely Affordable

My wife and I bought our first house a few months ago. We have had a lot of fun fixing it up to our standards, and we finally moved in about a month ago. We wanted to have it mostly fixed before we started living there, and that included having a security system installed. We live in a relatively quiet area, but we knew that didn’t make us immune from crime. While we hoped that it would not touch us here, we also visited to get all the information we needed about home security systems so we could feel safer.

The reason we chose this site is because we wanted to have ADT Security. Continue reading

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Started Work on the Work Shop

I decided to make my workshop looks as nice as I could, so I spent a long time working on the plan before I sawed a board or drove a nail. I had an old building that was there when I bought this place, but some joker had just put it together out of random pieces of wood. It was not an eye sore or anything, but it did not look very nice either. The first thing I did was make some plantation shutters, I had seen the plans for these on the web and I was interested to see if I could do it. There is a lot of fine work in these things and it is not just an ornamental piece which does nothing. Continue reading

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