Blasting the Bricks Back to Color

My home is made of white bricks, which over time can turn a really weird color that isn’t pleasant to look at from the outside. I’ve tried to scrub the color away with soap, water, and a big brush, but this didn’t have any effect. I tried using my garden hose on the highest pressure setting, but that didn’t work either. My only two options were to rent or buy a pressure washer, or to hire someone to do brick cleaning restoration in Birmingham AL. I was too tired from all of the previous work I did on the bricks, so I just elected to let someone else do it.

A day after I called the brick cleaning company, they came in a truck to get by bricks back into shape. They had a pressure washer in the truck, which they used to spray the bricks clean. The washer had a high pressure stream of water that blasted the dirt away like it was a laser cutting a tumor away. Once the bricks had returned to their white color. the restoration crew used a treatment on the bricks to prevent them from becoming discolored. Many people who pressure wash on their own just wash over the bricks with the water, but don’t bother treating them, which causes the bricks to get dirty again quickly.

When I drive by my home, I always slow down a little bit to take a closer look at it. The home looks so good now that it looks like the home has been recently built. People who knew what my home looked like before I got the restoration done couldn’t believe how great it looked. They want to try getting their brick homes restored too, because they have the same problem that my bricks were facing.

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