Best Prices for Roof Replacement

I need to get my roof replaced soon and so I was looking to find the costs associated with doing so. I am sure that different people will probably give me some different quotes on prices, so I want to talk to a few companies before I decide on who to hire. I am first going to call Arvada Roofing about the matter, because they are the first company that I looked up. I think that they did a roof replacement for a friend of mine, and that is why I have them on my list of companies to check out. I don’t remember who recommended them to me though, so I will need to call and talk to them, and ask some questions about important details.

During a thunderstorm last week, a tree branch broke off from a tree located nearby to my house. It then fell and struck the house in just such a way that the jagged broken end of the branch penetrated the roof of the house. Obviously, it is pretty unlucky that this happened to me, and it also it is apparent that it is something that I need to get fixed as soon as I can.

For now I have a tarp up on the roof to keep water out, and it is held down with rocks on each of the four corners. It is not a particularly elegant solution, but it works for now. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much by finding myself in the need of purchasing a new roof. It is something I was going to have to do in a few years anyway. The damage itself does not warrant an entirely new roof, but since I will need to get it done soon anyway, it makes sense to go ahead and do it.

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