A Comprehensive Cleaning Company in Toronto

I was looking for a company that does janitorial and office cleaning services in Toronto. I had two separate companies doing that for me at the time I began looking. I was not happy with the results of either company, and I had hoped to find a single company that could just handle everything. What I found with Kleenway Services is so much more than I was expecting to find. I wanted a company that will clean the offices as well as do the harder things like window cleaning and buffing the lobby floors when needed.

What I found is a company that will do all of that and so much more. In addition to those two things, they also do pressure washing, refinishing and restoration, and they even help clean up after there is damage caused by fire, smoke or damage. I hope that I will never need their services for the latter, but there are plenty of their other services that I knew I would definitely use. I looked at some of the reviews that they have on independent review sites, and I knew that I would be a lot happier with them after reading quite a few of them.

I met with one of the reps to discuss the services I wanted, and there were even more discussed at this time that simply amazed me. I realized that I would be able to consolidate all of the extra services I was contracting out for with this one company. They do landscaping, exterior window cleaning, snow removal, and even things like minor plumbing and electrical problems. I would have never imagined one company would be so comprehensive in the services they offer, which makes them the smartest cleaning company out there. In addition to being smart, they are also great at what they do!

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